Photographs by Rosemaria Rex
and Andy Rumball


18 January – 1 March 2009

Monday and Wednesday 4 pm – 7 pm
and by appointment

The exhibition


Photographs by Rosemaria Rex
and Andy Rumball

18 January – 1 March 2009

Rosemaria Rex

Rosemaria Rex' artistic basis is photography. However, her photographs do not stay in the two-dimensional, but instead acquire an inward depth and unfold in the surrounding space. In this sense, Rosemaria Rex' works become sculptures.
Image and spatial object overlap, the photographs merge with the encasing materials – that are polyester or glass, plaster or ceramic. The photographs accentuate the sculptures' surfaces, which in turn break with the spatial illusion within the photographs. A new perspective is the result, setting the fixed-image back in motion.

Andy Rumball

In his works, Andy Rumball follows a person's ephemeral traces. His works visualize what it is that gives people their personality and a tangible breath of being alive. The portrait series spirited map is evocative of a psychological map. The images are not snap shots and Andy Rumball is not interested in surface details, but instead in the force that shapes these surfaces.
In each portrait session, the film is exposed multiple times over a long time period in a darkened room. In their blurry state, the resulting portraits – multi-faceted and free of poses – communicate the sensation that the viewer could look beyond the surface to experience the energy that is characteristic for the portrayed person and makes her face seem alive.

Exhibition opening
Saturday, 17th of January 2009 at 5 pm
bildkultur | galerie, Markelstr. 19, 70193 Stuttgart

Dr. Matthias Bullinger
bildkultur Stuttgart

The exhibition is on view
from Sunday 18 January – Sunday 1 March 2008

Gallery hours
Monday and Wednesday 4 pm – 7 pm
and on appointment



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