28 June – 10 August 2007

The exhibition


28 June – 10 August 2007

bildkultur | galerie Stuttgart
Sherman Galleries, Sydney, Australia
Australian Embassy Berlin

„Janet Laurence, artist / alchemist / architect,
constructs, initiates, and transforms“

Peter Emmett

Janet Laurence is one of the most important Australian artists today, having presented numerous exhibitions, installations and projects in Australia, Japan and other countries in the Pacific. The exhibition in Stuttgart will be the first presentation of her work in Germany.

The works by Janet Laurence oscillate between high scientific precision and great lightness. Air, water, fire, earth – straw, lead, plant seeds – pigments, and crystals are central elements of her artistic expression. For over two decades she has meticulously explored nature's diversity, documenting human interference and interaction with its complexity. Her art strongly evokes a world in constant change and unrelentingly catalogs the incurred losses.
Janet Laurence often works with text, both in photographs applied to aluminum, glass and acrylic in thin layers or in room-sized installations filled with light, veil-like, floating sails or massive beams anchored in the toxic bottom of a pond. These texts are both descriptive and provoking; lists of chemical elements, names of plants and minerals, scientific and medicinal terms embedded in the works' surface constitute a visual language that also induces associations in the viewer.

The exhibition opening
Wednesday, 27th of June 2007 at 7 pm
bildkultur | galerie, Markelstr. 19, 70193 Stuttgart


Philippa Cocks
Australian Embassy Berlin

Dr. Matthias Bullinger
bildkultur Stuttgart

The artist will be present at the opening.

The exhibition is on view
from 28 Juni – 10 August 2007

Gallery hours
Monday and Wednesday 4 pm – 7 pm
and by appointment

Ein Beitrag zum Fotosommer Stuttgart 2007

Janet Laurence is represented by Sherman Galleries, Sydney and
Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Images: Courtesy the artist and Sherman Galleries, Sydney /
Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia